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July 31, 2008

Mr. Hot-head ?

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Ok, I am talking about myself in this one. For those who know me, know perhaps a particular part of me depending on which time interval they have interacted with me. For those who have known me for a longer period of time will perhaps shed more light on my character that I think I will be able to describe a bit here.

In school, I was always a hot headed guy. I was not the one to step down from an argument and sometimes have even resorted to let my hand do the talking for me. Not being the strongest guy in the block, this meant it did not always end in my best interests. But you would think that would teach me a lesson or two – No. Being in school meant mostly these things we easily forgotten and mostly got back to being buddies in a few hours, at max days.

However, a particular event when I got involved in something that was much over my head made me take a backseat look at my hot-headedness. I realized that not every fight was worth fighting and sometimes not caring enough for the topic or the person was the easiest way to distance myself from the invitations of an argument begging to happen. While this does not mean that I stopped getting worked up. It just implies that I stopped reacting to the causes. Consequently, I have stopped taking matters into my own hands (well mostly) and though arguing has not been totally washed away from character, I just don’t let it make me angry. Keeping my cool and reminding myself that I am arguing for argument’s sake and not for something that matters has allowed me to remain composed on most occassions.

However, this seems to not work when I am in debatable conversation with people that I am very close to. What choices does that leave me ? The only ways of avoiding such unpleasantries are distancing myself from those close to me or disassociating myself from the conversations ? While the former is something that I don’t want to do, putting the latter into effect is easier said than done. Specially when the matters being discussed concern me. Anger management. But how ? Why can I not be the happy-go-lucky character for all ? Maybe I shouldn’t take myself too seriously. After all this is life, and nobody ever came out of it alive 😛


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