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June 12, 2008

Santa Cruz on fire

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Smoke on a setting sun near UCSC

Unfortunately I don’t mean it in a rhetorical sense. But till now it has just been in and around Santa Cruz county and not in the small sleepy student town. The campus notices till now reveal little danger to the university campus, which means the town itself could be still safe. While riding back from school yesterday, one could easily see the mushrooming smoke that tried to camaflouge itself as a dim cloud. If one did not know better, one would easily assume the fire to be on campus. I hope this time the fire is not as destructive as the the summit fire (again near Santa Cruz) about a fortnight back. My thoughts go out to the people who are tensed about the situation worried about their tough earned property (which by the look of it can be ranging anywhere between half and one million dollars, if not more).

Somehow, nature seems to have a say and this dry patch of summer in just its infancy seems to be crying out loud. I hope this is not just a prelude to more of the red flower in the forests that surround the sleepy shores.

Updated news of the fire (with maps) can be found on the Santa Cruz Sentinel website.


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