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May 7, 2008

Soccer, from a footballers perspective

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Ok, first let me clarify the title. All those years before landing on the US soil, one of the games that I was passionate about was football. Be it playing it for real, or catching it on the screen, big or small. A lot of my study times would be scheduled around the more popular fixtures of the Champion’s league and other matches where the heavy weights in Europe would face off. This latter part of the fixation with the game has suffered a sudden setback with my moving across the seas. The cable at home does not have a steady stream of popular games lined up nor am I am able to wake up and spare some time (that would be around noon) to catch the re-run of one of the matches played in Europe over the week. What has perhaps dwindled more is my presence on the field. Gone are the days when any acquaintance in my life in Mumbai would be able to point me out to the football field in the late afternoon/early evenings. The painful truth has been that I have set foot on the field countably finite number of times in the past couple of years. However, I have decided to take a stand against this and take corrective measures to fill up my days with atleast an hour of physical excercise. Now having said that, for me it is not as easy as hitting the gym or plugging into the iPod and chasing after girls on the jogging track (yes, for some that has been a motivating factor). I need to chase someTHING. Be it a ball or a shuttle. Hence, goodbye football, enter soccer and racquetball. (To spell it out more clearly, my references to football mean playing the game in India, soccer – playing the same game in the US. Wonder why this country chooses to name most things differently. Interestingly, what is called football here has less to do with the foot and more with hands !!)

I was more used to playing with the big boys (or men) in my previous experiences on the field. Being a member of the school/college/university team meant a kind of selection of people that one would want to waste their energy with on the field. After all, who would like it if going past or getting the ball from people became too easy. I, for one, like challenges. But the fact of the matter is, while football meant that I came across very few (try none) girls on the field, soccer has been a very different twist to the story. I usually count on my speed, skill and to some extent stamina to become a considerable presence on the football field. The soccer field has no dearth of either – and I am talking about men and, hold your breath, women !! Well, maybe not matching for speed but there are considerable number of women who play soccer in it’s correct spirit (and not just kicking the ball around). No wonder when playing here one does not discriminate against the fairer sex in tackling the ball. Well, maybe just that push doesn’t come to shove when fighting over the ball.


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