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March 19, 2008


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Don’t know why I had been totally off the ghazals for the last few months. Maybe the reason was that they no longer resided in my hard disk or even my iPod. But more importantly they are back !! Needless to say, now my room speakers are filling the spring air with the melodious voices of Jagjit & Chitra Singh and Hariharan. In my quest to make up for lost time, I scouted around the net for some new releases and found a new album called Shafaq Ke Rang, and I really liked three of the songs. They now feature regularly on my ghazal playlist. Now I literally sleep to the tune of ghazals and wake up to them too….. albeit both at times when the sun’s presence is felt in the azure skies. Wonder how I had been out of the loop for so long. Maybe because there has been a recent spate of really good film songs churned out by the all too famous Bollywood industry or more importantly, a mere 1 gig is not enough to keep too many genres on the iPod which also doubles up as my car music player. Whatever be the reason, I am back to my cherished songs of eternal melody…. wonder when Kishore is going to call me back to his voice :)… but right now it’s Jagjit singing

Thak gaya mein karte karte yaad tujhko
Ab tujhe mein yaad aana chahta hoon
Apne hothon par sajana chahta hoon
Aa tujhe mein gungunana chahta hoon


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