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December 30, 2007

Taare Zameen Par

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Hats off, Mr. Amir Khan !! I finally got a chance to catch it over this weekend. Well… if I can say money well spent on a movie, this one was certainly it. And I wouldn’t shy away from saying that at times, a colorful mixture of the gravity of the situation and powerful presentation in the form of acting, brought up a tight knot at the throat which was not easily swallowed. Most would have easily taken in the loudest message of dyslexia, aptly portrayed as a conquerable enemy that any child can fight against, given the proper love and support of reassurance. But I kind of felt a stronger message hidden inside. That which points a finger at the educational system that the country breeds, the competition which burdens a child, where only the top few separate out from the also-rans. Even without any learning disability, I feel children are pushed too hard by their parents to bear a burden, more often than not, heavier than what the innocent shoulders can bear. Imagine then, what it is like for a kid challenged with any form of disability. I guess a message that came out to me was that being on the top is a great achievement, but not being there does not mean the end of the world. This tag should be fed to parents, more than their children who set out into the world burdened by their parents’ ambitions and notion of success.

The movie goes well into the second half bringing out the symptoms that were presented subtly. It was but a stroke of luck it seems that the new teacher could identify the child’s difficulty, and it was probably due to the fact that he himself had fought the same battles as a child. Unfortunately, in our education system, teachers are not always trained to detect challenges like these that may hamper a student’s ability to learn. In my personal experience, recently I was interviewed by someone working on a thesis relating to the education system in India and how it helps people adapt to the American educational system. I was asked a question pertaining to learning disabilities and how they are dealt with. I drew a blank. The disability in question was that the interviewer was a victim of not being able to sit down with the masses to take a test. Can any of us imagine a separate room being made available for one person to pen down his or her exam? Not to my knowledge. I wish I could answer the question in some other way without deviating from the truth.


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  1. I simply ran out of words when people asked me about the movie….it was simply AWESOME!!!! aamir khaan has always been my favourite since childhood…but i love to call him a reformer after watching taare zameen par…his direction his vision his thought his choice of actors are simply of aamir’s kind..Love you alot aamir

    Comment by nousheen — December 31, 2007 @ 9:12 am | Reply

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