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August 23, 2007

Old is (G)old

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As the countless seconds tick by on the clock, for many now replaced by the minute mute figure sitting in a corner of the desktop, seldom do we realize how time has passed us by. Sometimes there are jolts of everyday life which make you realize this and you feel you are staring down memory lane with very little to look forward to. At 26, I am still counted as a youth. In my mind, younger still. One who still has similar passions as a teenager, still feels he can outrun people a little more than a decade younger to him. Hang around with people of barely legal drinking age and be one of them. And that’s all good. Staying in school still gives you the same feeling of when you were, well, in school. You look all around you and you see young people, the only old ones are your professors and the administrative staff. And if that is not enough to strengthen your belief, a quick look at your bank balance does the trick. Not to mention the time that you can afford to spend in sports or whatever your passion may be.

My brother turns 23 in a couple of days and I bet he must be having the whole sensational feeling of “what the hell just happened ? I got out of bed and I am 23 now ?” Well, I guess that’s his own problem and I can safely ignore the silent screams till it is my day to “celebrate”. As if that’s not enough of a reminder, it is times when you start receiving the endless flow of wedding invitations of friends trying the knot. Hey, what the eff ? Are they not too young to do that ? Don’t their parents say anything ? It seems like only yesterday, when Moms were of the opinion that at this age “it is best to stay away from girls and concentrate on your studies”. Not sure when that turned to “well, have you found a girl yet ?” or “when are you going to get married ?” I bet while I was sleeping the whole world joined hands to remind me that I am you-know-what… the “O” word.

No way…. I am still in school…. see, I still like playing sports (and can too) and what about my bank balance…. surely that cannot be a lie.


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