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July 5, 2007

M*A*S*H smash

Filed under: geeky — Priyam @ 4:34 pm

Recently I have bit by the MASH bug. This 70’s show (no pun intended) was something I used to watch a long time back, and recently when I came over to the US of A. I came across a lot of the episodes uploaded on Stage6. It is encoded in DivX quality and with firefox it needed me to install an add-on called MediaPlayerConnectivity. In Linux one would need to configure DivX to be played with Totem (for some reason Mplayer takes a long time for playback on my system, Totem does just fine). I have enjoyed many a episode of this series but today I was in for a shock. The add-on just does not kick in with Stage6 videos. I guess the people may have changed something on their site but luckily I have found a work around. lets you play videos from stage6 by uploading the link. Of course you need to be a registered (did I mention free) user to be able to do that for now. The video plays just fine from joox but it is too slow sometimes. I hope the stage6 people should give me back the ability to play divx files in Linux using the firefox add-on. Till then, enjoy, albeit in a slower mode.


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