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June 23, 2007

A Walk to Remember

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Now that the quarter is over and I have a bit of a free time on my hands till new deadlines start to tinker in my head, I decided to dip my mind into some of the books that I have had my eyes on for some time. One of them is a short book that really impressed me in the form of a movie. The name : A Walk To Remember. This is one of the rare reads that I do even after knowing the whole plot and the end (the other one being Silence of the Lambs – not even remotely on the same lines as this one). If you have not read the book, do get hold of it. If you are not the patient kind, go for the movie, which is not exactly what the book says, but captures the main theme well.

Such reads really gets one started on the whole philosophy of life and its worth. It suddenly dawns on one that the human race squabbles over so much trivia, wages war over things that become irrelevant over time, and yet we, as the most intelligent of all species, never seem to learn anything. The book goes through a lot of emotions that very recently was the point of quite a bit of discussion over dinner within a few of us making a road-trip.

Would the world not have been a better place if each looked at helping others, as opposed to their own petty gains ? Indeed it would. But can the same be said to a much general extent ? Would the race “flourish” if companies stopped trying to make profits in order to help the have-nots ? Over the point of this discussion came up a very interesting question : Consider the situation of a scientist working on finding a medicine, a cure for an ailment. His work, most certainly, is made possible by grants from a money making corporation. The corporation provides the funds for its personal gains. The scientist strives to bring out a product for his personal gains (and obviously for personal satisfaction of having contributed something to society, albeit in lieu of money). None of them work for the sole purpose of helping others. On the other hand are people working for the destitute — people like Mother Teresa,  Max Lowe (City of Joy) who worked within the slums trying to help those who have none to look up to. Who does humanity a greater deed ? The one who creates medicines that save mankind from a lot of deadly diseases, but for personal gain ? Of course, let’s not forget the cash-rich company that sponsored the research only as a profit making venture. Or the one who uses these very medicines, and of course his/her time and care to bring these to the poor and help them recover ? Or for that matter, the people who make donations in kind or money to make themselves feel they have done something for the society ? Take your pick. Which one do you think the better world could do without ?


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