So little time… so little to do

June 3, 2007

Weekends, work never does…

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So nears the end of another quarter, another one where I am certain the next one will pose lesser challenges and more personal time to work on all those extra pieces of fat cells that are about to get on my nerves. Seriously, I am hard pressed to recollect the last weekend that I spent without the perpetual alarm of my To-do list throbbing within me and me trying to work out a schedule of relaxation with work around it. I wouldn’t want an extended period without work for two reasons : 1) it is not a likely possibility in the foreseeable future, so why wish for the impossible, 2) I get easily bored without any work to do. In fact, I keep thinking about my work, or what could have been, mostly when I am not cornered or in compulsion to.

But I still miss those once a weekend drinks around an assortment of friends, or that personal favourite of long island iced tea at the small pub in downtown. The sweet musical splashing of the West Cliff waves seem to be from so far away, they just seem like a blurry dream. Had I a car, I would be sitting down on those stone cold comfortably wet rocks right now, looking into the mysteries of the ocean wondering what goes on, below the watery boundary; above it.

Zindagi kya hai jaanne ke liye
Zinda rehna bahut zaroori hai
Aaj tak koi raha to nehi
Saari vaadi udaas baithi hai,
Mausam-e-gul ne khudkhushi kar li
Kisne barood boya baago mein
Humko Ghalib ne yeh duya di thi
Tum salamat raho hazaar baras
Yeh baras to faqat dino mein gaya

[P.S.] If wishes were horses….. only a couple of days after this post, met my tryst with 99 Bottles (no long island iced tea, though) and then the much revered West Cliff on a slight high.


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