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May 23, 2007

Check mate

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It has been years since I last played a board game. And one of the few that I really liked was chess, and ofcourse Business and Scrabblet. Each of these were fun but with a lot of educational content too. In the recent few years of my life I have taken recourse to watching a lot of movies to while away a lot of my free (and unfree) time. And this is something that I myself am not very proud of. To address this problem I have tried hard to reinitiate a lot of my previous hobbies, namely reading. I have gone through quite a few good books but then again they become a distraction of their own albeit a productive one. Nevertheless, there are times when these become lavishnesses that I can ill afford.

Recently it has come to my notice that my concentration has taken a pitfall and as a person who needs to be in the thick of deep thinking quite often I have made it a point to take affirmative action. Quite a few promises to be more methodical with my time has proved to be wingless promises which never took flight. So chess seemed a very natural thing to fall back on. Needless to say every game that I play confirms my belief in my lack of concentration. I remember distinctly how I used to plan out moves in games against my father even when I was just in my primary schooling years. I am not too proud to say that I feel my level of game at that point was perhaps better than what it is now. So be it. Atleast I am giving it a shot. Wonder how many close encounters and losses will finally lead to a carefully planned victory against the computer. Slow, but my progress to that point has to be made. I guess, concentration will be catching up with me on the road to that victory.

Just hope that this game itself does not develop into a distraction 😛


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