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April 9, 2007

What be thy name ?

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Have you ever seen only a part of a movie on TV and for some reason had to let go of the rest even though you would want to sit down and finish it off because you like it so much ? Of course you have. That I believe would be a very common phenomenon. And so would be the event of not catching up on that and forgetting about it as time places its healing touches on memory. But I sit here reminded suddenly, out of any context, of that movie that I left unfinished. Temporal erosion has taken a toll on the title; the names of the little known young actors I did not know to begin with. What I partially recall is the plot of the movie.

A sorry tale of two teenage lovers in college where a third girl’s jealous involvement results in a tragic death of the girl. From what little I can repaint, the girl was drugged and she accidentally fell into the swimming pool and drowned. Then begins the part of the story where the guy feels guilty in front of family for not having been there to save her in time, for he too was inebriated without knowledge. Till what I saw, the guy was trying to reconstruct the events of the fateful night to bring to good reason his loss. I wish someone could tell me what the title was so that I can catch up on it and lay to rest another agonous thing to remember.


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