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February 10, 2007

Hearst or hearts ??

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Been a while since I jotted down sweet nothings in my not-so-personal space here. But that is an indication of the kind of life I am living over the last few weeks. By now I have tuned my body to make do with anywhere between 4-5 hours of sleep and an occassional shut-eye here and there for fractions of an hour. Amazing how most things can be made into a habit, but I don’t think that is a good idea. Eventually the body always wins and takes it out on or from you. So looking forward to a peaceful hearty sleep in a week’s time or so.

As pressure situations go, you always look for that small window where you can let your hair fly in the wind, throw caution out of the equation, laugh at the work-load and take a break – which some might even comment on as insanity. Even more when you are driving down a windy road on a rainy day for more than 3 hours just to see a castle for an hour or so….. and end up catching up with your forgotten friend (remember sleep?) during a movie detailing the history of the place, projected on a mammoth screen, the sheer size of which would have otherwise kept me wide-eyed. The most unusual things happen at the most unusual places, when you least expect them. Another trip where the journey was far more important and enjoyable than the destination. The story of my life. And I believe one of my favourite mottos too.

So what does it have to do with hearts? For one, it raises this question. Your country is in a depression, the world is at war, you have almost a separate economy going of your own. What would you do with the money ? Would you bring in house decoratories and architecture from across seas and continents. Or may be you fancy the roof of your house to be from Italy. Would you get it shipped from there ? That is where Mr. Hearst comes in. He did all that… and a little bit more. He also flew or railed in guests from far and wide, rich and famous and hosted them at the amazing castle on top of a hill, bordering the Pacific coast in California. Today, it is a historic part of the place and is shown around to people at an amazing price. Under weather condition which prevent any view from top of the hill, I am certainly feeling that I paid a way lot more for just architecture and someone’s lifestyle. But to each his/her own. But seriously, what would you do with so much money in a time such as that mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph? For certain, I would like to be placed in a situation to decide that. 😉


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