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January 15, 2007

Up and Down…. on the rise again !

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It is not how hard you fall, but what counts is how hard you bounce back. And if anything else Saurav Ganguly has certainly shown what determination is – on more than one occasion.

Not a long time ago when the whole Chappell-Ganguly fiasco arose I switched myself off from both the characters, and as a consequence Indian cricket as a whole. But being in a country where the game is a religion it is not hard but impossible to tune yourself totally off from the happenings on and off the field. As more controversies dogged the cricket scenario it made it easier for me to stop spending long hours in front of the tele egging on the men in blue, many of the times without reason. The dismal performance in South Africa has perhaps done nothing great to change all that.
But like every cloud, this tour too has a silver lining. The coming back of the Bengal south-paw. Not much earlier were Ganguly supporters ostracized and people were baying for the captain’s blood. But when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And what better way to silence all than show it with performance. And after much drama, he finds himself in the possible 30 for the upcoming World Cup. Even more amazingly, people feel he should take up his old opening partnership with the great Sachin.

I know it is too soon to lionize him, too soon to predict his claim to lost glory. But he has certainly made himself known to the cricketing world as one whom you cannot write off. Arrogant, he is. And that is what has got him down on occasions. Yet again, that is exactly what has brought him back and made him stand out from the crowd. I will not compare him to other greats on performance, but I certainly think that he is of the rare breed who believe in not giving up. To me, that is the character of a true idol. I am so happy for Dada, my fellow Xaverian. All the best.

Nihil Ultra.

P.S. : Did you know that Saurav used to play in our school football team?


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