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December 14, 2006

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

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Sitting in my cubicle, I sometimes indulge in sneaking off into the world of the internet to hunt for quotes, funny and otherwise. The reader’s digest Quotable Quotes is what I think got me interested in this habit of collecting (and even memorizing) some lovely quotes. So much so, that I sometimes find myself making them off-hand. Hmm…. the bad thing is that I might be losing my originality. Anyway, it is hence not a surprise that I stop by the Reader’s Digest online edition and check it out. That’s where I came across this cartoon :Cat Training

It takes me back to this other night at a party. In some way the talk came to pets – the most common ones being Cats and Dogs. I had read some article somewhere describing the psychology behind the usual female attraction to cats as opposed to dogs for guys.

Disclaiming it to be any way something that I came up with or feel, the explanation goes like – Modern day ladies, with all the women’s empowerment movements around the globe, want to be in control of their own lives. They want to be independent and a server of none. Cats, with the concept of them owning you as opposed to you owning them, somehow fit into all that women today aspire to be. Dogs on the other hand, are more of the listener. They will obey the masters command and be loyal to the food provider. That’s exactly what men, somewhere deep down in their subconcious mind, have been genetically coded to look in a household. The control of it, being the master – the head of the family. A lot of all this really does not fit into today’s world, I guess.

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” ––  Robert Heinlein

I was explaining this to a lady and she decided to take a poll within the uninitiated evenly populated group chatting away on different topics. Surprise, surprise. The theory stood. For whatever reasons, most of the guys were either for dogs, or both. And the opposite for the fairer sex.

And I thought that psychology was just a mind game, which I feel I am good and bad at, at the same time.


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