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December 13, 2006

Life is beautiful

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When greed meets pride, the worst sins are committed. And religion has nothing to do with it. I am in a bit of a heavier side sentimentally since I got off from watching this movie. If humanity has anything to be ashamed of, it should be of the acts which require a father to lie to a child to protect him. Ashamed of the fact when Annie Franks have to go into hiding when she should really be enjoying life. Ashamed when kids barely in their teens have to take up arms in the hope of survival. Or for the survival of hope.

They say that our sweetest songs are those which sing of the saddest tales. Truth be told, I thoroughly enjoy watching such films in solitude. Enjoy – for lack of a better word to describe the occasional shame of being human. Perhaps the only species so brutal to its own. Every such movie made, I guess, is a graphic sorry blurted out by people who did not commit the crimes, by people atoning for sins of others.

What astonishes me even more is how we fail to learn from history. How we turn a blind eye to our past in search of fame and power. How we turn deaf ears to numerous Pete Seegers*, blind eyes to movies and books showcasing the wrongs. The reasons differ, the actions differ, but the suffering remains the same. There just cannot be a winner in a war. “When will they ever learn ?”

* Pete Seeger reference made for the following song : “Where have all the flowers gone”.


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