So little time… so little to do

December 6, 2006

A lot of nothings…

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Statutory warning : most of the stuff in this entry are technical in nature and may be boring to some (if any) readers. This is an aberration from the general content of my posts !

Well, what do you expect? It seems just like the other day that I arrived here, and the first quarter of the academic is year behind me already. Haven’t got much sleep for the last week or so, some nights out of necessity, some just for the heck of it. So when I warmed up my bed for such a long time today, it felt like a long overdue thing. So finally I get time to play around with my new laptop. People who know me know that I am the kind of person who spends time and (some) money on sight and sound. I am glad that I spent a few extra dollars on the slick screen that came with my new Dell laptop. I was really pissed off when the Ubuntu distribution I tried out did not give me the best effects out of the box. Google, google, hack, hack…. and finally !! A great screen. I would say it does not come far behind the excellent Mac ones.

There are other things in Linux to be taken care of still. The wireless thing is not readily supported, though the Ethernet car works just fine. I expect to get that working by today. And stupid Matlab will not install because of some display problem. Now these are real deal breakers. And high on the priority list of working around right now.

In my perpetual search for extensions to Firefox, finally my hopeless search of getting European football action delivered to my browser is satisfied. For sometime now I have been trying to get the latest news, scores and schedules of the big league matches displayed in my personalized Google home. That and the authentic weather of the three cities that I am interested in, the ones that I have stayed in. But things just refuse to refresh, with updated and authentic information. And finally, FootieFox looks like the answer to the football part of the search. This thing so excites me with what it promises to deliver that I am tempted to devote a separate blog entry for this extension alone. But I refrain from reporting too early. Let me evaluate it for a few days and then probably I will give it its just dues. Right now it reports that Reading leads Newscastle United 2:1 in the English Premiere League.


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