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November 27, 2006

When u pay for others’ calls !!

Filed under: arbit — Priyam @ 8:58 pm

Imagine this ! Someone gives you a call. The number flashed is not in your address book. The first impulse is always “Who could this be ?”.

If you have gone around floating your number anywhere and everywhere, then you pretty much frown at the first ring, but excited none-the-less that you got a call from someone you can probably add to your already huge address book. If you were eagerly waiting for that secret special someone to give you a call someday, then your heart would skip a beat, your mind would murmer a secret prayer of a wish. On the other hand, when you have a shitty service scheme as I currently have to put up with, you pray that this is either some very good friend or a person using the same service that you do (because then it is then free for you).

Now, before you put that down to how economically challenged one can be to think like that for a mere 10c, let me tell you that there are lots of “regular” people who go through the same motions (though I do not have any statistical data to support my claim nor do I deny the fact that I, like most graduate students, am economically challenged). Imagine the frustration when it turns out to be a wrong number. And like an extension to Moore’s law (or is there one already on this?), the wrong number is never from the same service provider. In the midst of a day of hard work of pounding your head as to why your implementation of a certain somebody’s research publication is not working exactly as it is supposed to, it does not come up as an amusement. So if you think my tone in this post has been sort of funny, read my lips. Ok, that was a bit harsh, wasn’t it? Such has been my day, till now. The only thing worse is perhaps recieving a text message from an obscure person whom you don’t know and being charged for recieving it. Like I had a choice.

Who would have guessed such a day, when you wake up to a text message from the service provider which reads : “Congratulations, your account has been credited with $5 worth of talktime for free”.


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