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November 26, 2006

Reliving Life

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Wonder why it is in the face of the overloaded times, that I am tempted to digress and allow my mind to wonder and scratch my little literary side that I believe exists somewhere. Waking up when the day is half done also does not exactly put you in any advantageous position. But what the hell. So I caught up with one of my favourite movies of all times – “French Kiss” and made out a mental plan of how to attack a certain wierd problem that I am supposed to solve as part of a course project. Dinner followed. And then I found myself digging into the days gone by in this blog. Apart from finding a place to jot down my thoughts, I think this place really serves as a good place to relive the good and not so good days that had slipped into the darker corners of my mind. Different feelings hit you as you walk down memory lane which have been documented by you yourself. It’s just like reading a book, I guess. Better still, you can exactly relate to it.

They say past is past, but it surely does have a way of catching up with you. And it really makes you nostalgic. It’s the strange sorrow of a painful experience that you would rather forget, the joy of getting back in touch with an old friend that you had almost given up on, the serene silence of mundane events – a mixture of spices that forms the basis of life. They were all coming back to me. All of these make spending time recording tit-bits of life worth it, even if very few actually stop by to share in your experiences.

In my aimless wanderings, I found myself searching for some of the catchy lines of Shantaram, the book that I so adored. And out of the many that I found out, I will take great pleasure in leaving you with one of those to ponder on :

“Fate gives all of us three teachers, three friends, three enemies, and three great loves in our lives. But these twelve are always disguised, and we can never know which one is which until we’ve loved them, left them, or fought them.”

Wonder how many of these I have already crossed paths with, and how many are yet to meet me in the road not yet travelled.


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