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November 25, 2006

Retail night

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This is the biggest retialing event of the year in the US that I writing about – also known as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. But going by what I encountered in my first time here, it was really not the day after in many places. People, not known to exist in such numbers in this small sleepy town, made their presence felt in meandering queues outside every major mart where great deals were on offer. It was cold, yet the hearts of the waiting people were perhaps warm in anticipation of the things that they may get an opportunity to grap at a lot less than their usual prices. And like most other people, economically challenged academicians (known to the world as graduate students) “make up a list and check it twice” to get the best deals of the things that they have their eyes or hearts set on. Commericialization at its best. And I participated in making the event a grand success, both theirs and mine.

I perhaps had a more eventful thanksgiving than most people – a hearty traditional serving of stuffed turkey, apple pie for lunch, generous helpings of chicken and lamb for dinner, and no sleep till later into the next morning. Hardly a surprise that I found myself waking up to some distant sound of the phone late in the evening. The night is still too young to rest again.


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