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November 17, 2006

Muntazir – In Waiting

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Like every other day, I started work in lab with my newly aquired set of headphones on my head, tuned to music. Jagjit Singh’s ghazals happened to be my mood for today’s session. Surprisingly I have not been listening to him a lot lately. I played the tracks from one of his new CDs that I bought some time back – named Muntazir. Most of the songs are sentimental and like many other ghazals, they catch up with you once you have heard them multiple times. But of the lot, the one that really stood out and struck a chord in me was ‘Yun to guzar raha hai’. Somehow, it made me a bit sentimental. About what and why I really cannot tell. The lyrics goes somewhat like this :

Yun to guzar raha hai, har ik pal khushi ke saath
Phir bhi koi kami si hai, kyun zindagi ke saath

Rishta vafaye dosti, sab kuchh to paas hai,
kya baat hai pata nahi, dil kyun udaas hai
har lamha hai haseen, nayi dilkashi ke saath
Phir bhi koi kamin si hai, kyun zindagi ke saath

Roughly put in English it translates to “Even though I spend most of my time happily, I still feel the longing for something missing in life. Even though relatives, friends and everything dear to me are close, I still cannot figure out the cause of my sadness. Even though life is beautiful, I still feel something missing in life”. I am pretty terrible in catching the essence of the poetry in english, but this is the crude meaning of the text.

Apart from the amazing lyrics (by Nida Fazli), the tune is also heart breaking. I don’t know why but I felt compelled to stop and be all ears to this rendition. This man is amazing. If you are a ghazal lover like me, this song is definitely a don-not-miss one.


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