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November 10, 2006

Birthday number 26

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So I completed 26 revolutions around the sun a couple of days ago and it was yet another one of the days of celebration within our small but cozy group of friends. Like all other similar gatherings a whole lot of the cake got to decorate my face, and partly my long hair (which after weeks of pracrastination still remains to face the blade of the barber’s scissors). And some kick-ass moments with a halloween face later we went out to dinner and a movie. It was nice to be surrounded by friends. But the real surprise came earlier in the day when I entered the lab to find a nicely wrapped set of earphones from a fellow labmate. I am kind of over the age when you expect gifts on your birthday, but when it does come along it feels so nice. Thank you.

But the thing with birthdays is kind of a mixed bag, I guess. At some point in your life you stop waiting for the day to come along, to wake up to a special day for you. But you feel good when others wish you a happy birthday. Then again, there are some people you kind of expect to remember the day and wish you anyhow. Expectations. What happens when they are not met. Yes, you feel sad on your special day, all through waiting for those special people to greet you. Is it good to expect ? Somehow, I did not expect anything this time remaining true to my motto of expecting the least and hoping for the best. So when even very close people could not find avenues to reach me, I did not feel bad. Which brings us to the irony of the situation. If even not having these special people in your life on this special day doesn’t make you feel bad, what will ?

I guess when you have a lot of friends and a lot of thank you’s to send out, it makes up for all the ones you did not get to say. Or does it ?


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