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October 6, 2006

On the rocks…

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Standing at the stop for the last bus which takes us home (around 1:30am), we made a plan to grab some food at a drive-in. We got a dissatisfying, yet enjoyable, welcome by a string of cars lined up bumper to bumper waiting to order. The three of us grabbed up some quick food and headed for sea coast. I had known that Santa Cruz was a beautiful little town. But like the pudding this beauty is something unimaginable and inexplicable that only the eyes can taste and the heart can feel. The rainy clouds of the day before had somehow parted to bath the water and the earth with bright silver light from the silver moon. The water below us seemed to enjoy the whole experience and ran in a dance into the rocky cliff over which we stood. The far outline of the bay was strayed with glittering lights at the borders and the starry clean dark skies above. We sat on the cliff munching away absorbing the ambience. The cool wind played it’s part in running a chill down our bodies. We headed back in the dead of the night away from the play of the wind and water. If only there was a camera good enough to capture the essence of the night. Sadly, some things are just for one’s own and cannot be shared with loved ones. The picture below is where we stood. By night it is even more beautiful.

Santa Cruz seaside

It was Lakshmi puja back home. But for me it was really a specially full moon’s night.

(Picture taken from More photos available there.)


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