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September 29, 2006

Picturing Saptami

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I am listening to a CD of rabindrasangeet from the bengali film Aalo. The very sound of Rabindrasangeet takes me vaulting back to the lanes of Bondel Road in Kolkata. The small dead-end lane hosting Durga Puja in some miraculous fashion every year amid stringent budget and man-power constraints. This year it is one less. Me. This would be the time when we would be taking a bit of rest. Rest – the action which is the precious little time between different actions which makes the day and nights whiz past. After a couple of moments of shut-eye bliss would begin the noctural celebrations. Everyone decked up and occupied in different activities, related and unrelated to the religious occassion. This year I can only form pictures in my mind. The academic journal article containing pictures in front of me are just a blur. They make no sense.

My parents miss me. My friends miss me. I miss them in return. But life goes on. They will enjoy. I will try to do so in this distant land. Nostalgia seeps in through the tunes of Rabindrasangeet which somehow finds it’s way to touch a distant chord in my heart. How come it is connected to the eyes ?

Jokhon porbe naa mor paayer chinno ei baate …
Tokhon aamay naiba mone rakhle …
Taarar paane cheye cheye … naiba aamay dakle …
Jokhon porbe naa mor paayer chinno ei baate …

Tokhon emni korei baajbe bansi ei naate …
Kaatbe … din kaatbe … kaatbe go din aaj o jemon din kaate … aaha …
Emni korei baajbe bansi ei naate …


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