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September 21, 2006

Eve of first class

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School starts off tomorrow. It’s always that groan and moan when thoughts of getting up early and rushing off to class comes to mind. But then again, it is a change to my idle life none-the-less. So I am looking forward to this quarter with the innocence of a little child who starts off in a new class, proud that he/she is now in a higher grade than the previous year.

The last of my idle weekends were spent in Santa Clara. Intensions were to attend a Bally Sagoo night and return a bedspread which has been bought in a hurried shopping spree by a friend looking for a comforter. Girls are not programmed to do speed shopping. The night was aweful. Too much crowd. To top it off, it wasn’t that safe either. In the end it was money down the drain, but an experience by itself. To add insult to injury I found that I had bought myself yet another bedspread in exchange. The single entry shopping from any given store remains elusive till now. But the trip was not a disaster and I did enjoy myself thoroughly in the company of a lot of newly made friends. Look forward to hanging out with this group in the future too.

The orientation session brought together a lot of students from the same community. Something opposed to previous years was the presence of the Indian community on campus. A few of us decided to head down to the much visited boardwalk on the beach for sight-seeing. We were greeted by huge sea-lions who looked quite accustomed to human presence. An otter was spotted among the population going under and returning with food. Sea-gulls and pelicans floating with the cool bay wind provided the recipe to transform the walk into a ship’s deck. Anyway, the long walk did mean that we were quite far off to sea.

Walking back down the short of alley of my memory, I am getting energy enough to face the new quarter classes from tomorrow.


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