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September 15, 2006

Few days old….

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I am now almost past the stage when I get off at the wrong bus stop or walk in the wrong direction. Almost. But I consider all these as necessary ways of finding out the neighbourhood. Sorry, neighborhood. In my earnest interest of knowing whereabouts of the town and also because of the fact that I have been lucky enough to find a roof over my head quite soon and hence have nothing much to do, I spend a large part of the daytime accompanying a couple of my newly made friends find a place of their own. It’s not as sunny a picture as the day. And a good tens of phone calls and almost a dozen visits later they still remain without an address of their own.

In the few days that I am here I have managed to get a cubicle of my own in a cozy corner of the lab where I am supposed to be working. After replying to innumerable mails telling people about my experiences, I went down to the four blocks of downtown where there was this Organic fair going on. Bought my first small box of strawberries – and they were good.

The town of Santa Cruz comes across as quite a peaceful place with people quite helpful and cheerful. A perpetual smile written over their faces, one almost gets tired of the generous pronounciation of “Thank you”s and “Have a nice day”s. But I can live with that. Things that I would really like to change are the extremely abusrd price of things and the early bedtimes of people here. But I guess it’s more about getting used to it than complaining.

There are many many more things to write about. The sceneric view from the hills in campus which overlook the entire city as well as lakes running by the mountaineous terrain. The weather which is never too hot neither too cold. The flora and fauna on campus where deer roam comfortable near the smooth grey roads. I could go on but then there has to be a limit to every article in a blog. Keeping the reader’s interest in mind, I sign off for the day.


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  1. Ur getting early reminds me of those jadavpur-airport days. Sprinting behind the bus like crazy once it started moving after 1/2 hour’s halt at ballygung phari.
    And me sitting inside shouting at the conductor to move faster 😉

    Comment by sahin — September 18, 2006 @ 11:19 am | Reply

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