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September 11, 2006

A lot of changes

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The Rupees have all been draped in the green shades of the Dollar… and the Indian has been transported to the land of opportunities as they say, the US of A. What opportunities and how much I utilize them, is something yet to be figured out. Till now, it has been a joyful ride. I will recount some moments of the move so far.

07 Sep – The flight takes off from the NSC Bose airport in Kolkata. I feel the lightness of being lifted off the well known atmosphere of Kolkata, my city. The last and lasting aerial images engrained in my mind are dissolved into obscurity of the cloudy mist. Or was it the water in my eyes that did not make it to the daylight of my cheeks. Boys don’t cry. A silent goodbye. A silent resolution to make it back by this time for the pujas next year. Oh! by the way, early in the morning I am greeted by the news of me becoming an uncle. My cousin sister, a year elder to me, has given birth to a cute little girl. Suddenly, I am a lot orlder now.

08 Sep – Welcomed the early light of the day with sleepy eyes, yet to find their rest for the night. The long wait to be bored and violated in the name of security. Finally made it into the craft that is all set to take me out of my country to one far far away. Somehow, I keep my date with the window side seat, just on the wings which makes it a straining work to look down on the ground whenever the clouds part. The long boring flight is made eventful by a Indian couple sitting beside me, presumeably newly-weds, who think of the comforter of the airlines as an invisibility cloak and decide to use a good part of the journey to unite their marital lips. As much as my eyes, when open, enjoyed the scene from time to time, I cannot say the same about my bladder which had to wait even in the face of urgency. A tired me finally lands up at LA. The first dollar spent in charity. A flight again and I find myself in company of my friend in Santa Clara

09-Sep – Shopping in the US – Walmart and an Indian grocery store. A lot of things to get me on my cooking for survival. As a safety measure, I decide to pack in a couple of packs of Maggi as well. I am just another cautious guy. A ride around town, compelled by a total lack of geography on our part, and then another good ride through sceneric mountaineous terrains to reach the final destination of Santa Cruz. The afternoon is spent in helping a lady move and making a couple of friends in the process. A look around town, a walk by the beach, a stop at a Thai eatery and the day is done by me falling asleep while watching The Rock.

10-Sep – A visit to the School of Engineering where I am supposed to be spending a good few years pursuing the prefix of Dr. to my name. Good luck for that. I hope that my first experience of living in a small town will be enjoyable. Till now the town has come across as quite curtious and relaxed. Hope it remains the same for me throughout. To the future.


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