So little time… so little to do

August 13, 2006


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5am, IST. Venue : Vision & Image Processing Lab. I am logged into my terminal… the arena where I fought many wars with myself over the course of my project work. The walk from the gate to the lab somehow did not seem so long and the much hated walking seemed quite enjoyable, yet not without the gloomy feeling of an inevitable loss. I recall the days and nights spent in this very place – dragging myself half asleep to classes, the evenings spent in sports, the nights in the company of aimless discussions. Sure, it wasn’t all play, but I still miss those days.

Sitting in the convocation hall my emotions were like cars on a two ways street – feelings of joy and pride at having succeeded in the task of completing a tough course, yet the sour taste of reality, the tears of goodbye. I am reminded, yet again, how worthy I am to have had the opportunity to pass through the hallowed portals considered as one of the few islands of excellence in India. But they do not speak of student-life outside of classes. IIT represents much more than the curriculum. It is here that I have made some of my best friends. It is here that I have made almost half the number of my friends.

And as I type in the last few sentences I can hear the soothing voice of Celine Dion singing “It’s all coming back to me now”. These are the final few strokes from the lab, my last night-out, my last login. I am about to embark on yet another journey, make newer friends parting from friends with goodbyes not spoken, find newer joys with past pleasures not forgotten, look forward to years ahead keeping these few years forever etched in my mind.

Logout. Forever.


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