So little time… so little to do

August 1, 2006

When time stands still…

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It has been quite a while since I keyed in something here. As opposed to previous leaves of absence which were largely due to burden of work, this time it is more of lack of it. After a gruelling couple of months fighting deadlines and submissions, a visit home looked like a well deserved rest. But, I have had plenty of experience from my previous visits to know better than think that a person like me would be happy to laze around throughout the day. My usual companions for such times are a lot of movies (an overdose really) and one or more good books. This time the former has evaded me. And HBO seems to be airing good movies, unfortunately, not alien to my hungry eyes. I can hear myslef say – “Go get a life”. But I am not used to not being surrounded by friends all the time. And with most of my friends in other cities and those here all working, the days are a bit cruel on me now.
Last week a friend very kindly offered her company for the afternoon and it was the best weekday afternoon that I have had here. In conversation she did bring up the fact that perhaps I “needed” a girlfriend! Need – rather than want which is the usual case. But isn’t that like trying to own a canon to shoot a mouse? But the sad part and the truth is that I am just short of regretting good food at home – a place where time seems to stand still during the days. As human nature goes, the grass always looks greener on the other side. Back at Mumbai a friend’s visit home was always eyed with friendly jealousy and eager wait for our turns to come. And now that the wheel of fortune has turned for me, I am secretly wishing it would not halt here. And I am sure to miss my free days here and look forward to this very rest when I am far away fighting newers challenges of each day…. more deadlines and submissions, eagerly marking off days in my mental calender waiting for the days when the wheels have turned a full circle for me.


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