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July 7, 2006

Equal Opportunities

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Lately I have found a treasure of the entire Yes, (Prime) Minister collection…….. this is one of those precious British comedy shows that I used to watch a long time back on the tele…… had watched only a few episodes at that time, but now it’s cracking me up, yet again. One of the episodes I watched yesterday was titled “Equal Opportunities”. This 1980’s show is centred around the minister’s eagerness to implement a 25% quota for women in the govt higher office, steadily increasing to 50%. Being a politician he is obviously bothered only about the votes that this move may fetch from the women community. Again, for obvious reasons he makes it look like he is taking this move on principle. Among a lot of comedy about the whole implementation, he finally goes forward against the wishes of his (chauvenist) advisor and promotes a very able female assistant, above men more experienced than she is. The whole anti-climax is that this lady, obviously happy, denies the post, resigns from her earlier post for a move to a private enterprise. She backs up her actions stating that she would rather take a post where she is promoted for her talents and hard work than be patronized and made a pawn, albeit profitable for her, for some politican vote-bank policy. This was in the 1980’s, when supposedly women were not given equal opportunities in the job arena.

Can anyone else draw an analogy here ?


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