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June 14, 2006

Kiss, kiss, bang, bangalore

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That happens to be the episode title of a Simpson’s episode. In short, Simpson is sent to India to head their outsources nuclear reactor plant in India (yeah, like the US is going to do _that_) and the ignorant american thinks it’s Indiana…. he lands up in India, which is depictd by cows and traffic snarls on the road, and other “Indian” customs… in short, it just remained short of Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom…. well, not exactly he does occupy God status and people worship him…. finally he gives up, the company is moved to a land where people are “more ignorant” as he teaches them workers rights (something that is quite absent in the BPO offices, I hear) and he goes back home. The ending is a dance jig from a popular old hindi film.

I, for one, though did enjoy the Simspon’s sarcastic humour… failed to appreciate having it made at the expense of mis-respresented facts. Even after huge amounts travel to the “greener pastures” every year, why is India still seen as a place where they produce rocket scientist material or people who live in jungles and ride elephants. Sure, all of us don’t roam about in trendy expensive cars and we do worship some few millions of Gods, but we are surely not people who climb trees or eat monkey brains. All through the episode I was waiting for them to shed some light on the other aspects of India, but sadly that did not appear. Television is a source of entertainment, but would it harm to impart some knolwedge too ?


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