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June 10, 2006

World Cup mania

Filed under: sports — Priyam @ 8:59 am

The biggest sports show on earth has started off…. the World Cup… true to its name, it has the whole world mesmerised and tuned to the game. It was but natural that I am excited yet apprehensive. You must understand that it is not really very difficult for me to set aside everything important to catch that game live. My apprehension stems from the fact that I have deadline to meet by the end of this month.

Three of us made an impromptu plan to catch the opening game at a nearby pub where they show the game on a projector screen. But little did we expect that for major part of the game we would be standing outside, trying to steal a look at the television from across the glass walls which separate the have-seats and have-nots. And what was more bothersome was the fact that many of those inside simply did not care about the game !! At the entry, I overheard a guy complaining to his lady love about the huge waiting time for some tournament of football… dude it’s just not _some_ tournament. What ignorance !

At the end of it all we did manage to secure a place inside in time to catch the ending 20 minutes or so of the game. Not the best of starts for me…. but then all that was made up with excitement of the opening game. I made a silent solemn self-resolve to catch the other games safely in the comfort of the screening that has been arranged in campus.

Cheers to the mega event… cheers to the cup.


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