So little time… so little to do

May 16, 2006

Bitter nothings…

Filed under: arbit — Priyam @ 7:02 pm

it's been quite a while since I last jotted down my feelings here… don't really know why. Maybe April had been hectic and May has been half spent in making up for those days… but plenty of reasons and none an excuse. It's not that nothing has happened since… actually lots… to name a few : the war against reservations, murder of BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, … and lots of other headlines that till now has not directly affected my life.

I am not keeping up to 100% of my routine life. A small operation has landed me up with (my first) few stitches and as a result I am away from the football field. Too bad I also have to keep away from the swimming pool in this hot humid weather. Give me a break. So I try to coax my friends into a walk to the ground or to the lake side, occassionally.

The other casualty has been my work. They say that when the cat is away the mice will play. But I am trying to get back into the common humdrum of work and trying to get into a work mode. Keeping fingers crossed on that one.

Well, this has definitely got to be one of my most useless and worst written posts. Till I have something better to bore you about, it's good-bye.


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