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April 8, 2006

a mixed bag…

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it's the valedictory season at IITB… like all other terms here… this one too finds a shorter term in the form of "Valfi"… anyway, that's getting outside of what I have to say…. ok where was I ??… the Valfi season, the time when each hostel starts off with appreciation of efforts and contribution of its members to hostel activities round the past year(s) and ends up with wishing the graduating batch, one person at a time, best of luck for the future… now this is done with a detailed, usually funny, profile on the person followed up with a Q&A session (kind of like "truth or dare", only there is no option of choosing dare) and a sentimental goodbye from the person concerned…. all giggles and emotions around the place… amplified by the application of free booze….

sometime earlier today, the feeling suddenly began to set in that I too, along with all these people, will be leaving this place…. after 3, sometimes long, years… I will be carrying with me a baggage of emotions, mostly happy… the days when we batch-come-wing-mates spent up cramming for that exam, when we kept awake just of the sake of pointless gossips, the birthday bumps (sometimes too horribly violent), the cooking and boozing in the room, the time spent in the badminton court and the football field… and yes, the times when we spent a lot of time in the lab working on some system administration stuff or just doing my project work…. and in every event of my life here, I have indeed been lucky to be in the companion of some good friend… well, most of the time… and now that all these will be just a thing of the past, I wonder how many I will still have contact with in future, how many people's lives will still cross mine in the unkown times to come… in an optimistic note, I hope all… but from my past experience of moving from one institute to another, from one group of friends to another, this has never been the case…. but I still do remain in touch with a lot of old friends… and have information about the whereabouts of a lot more…. I hope atleast this trend continues….

there are still more valfies to attend, still more people to get sentimental with… still more people to share a laugh with…. and only one thing comes out from all this… all of them have shared a lot with a lot of people who were the centre of their lives at IITB…. so how come everyone feels so lonely and unhappy here, as the current report by a popular newspaper goes…?? really beats my small inquisitve mind… and now that it's time to move on, people become sad…. to them I say, you can either be sad that your time here has come to an end, or you can rejoice that you had so many special moments to share with your friends here…. I raise my glass to the latter….

by the way, came to know about another friend's blog… and if you think I write good (for the record, I don't think so, it's just that this has been the thought of some people), you should check this person's blog…. added him to my blogroll.
signing off… in high and heavy spirits…


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