So little time… so little to do

March 30, 2006

very busy…

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the past few days have been quite a busy period for me… and proof of that is that I have not been able to go to the field for some days… believe me, that is an indicator…. the next few days are lkely to be quite the same… but let me chart out some of the mentionable things that happened this week….

Within a space of 12 days, different hostel teams put together 4 PAFs. And the concluding performance of Deja Vu was simply amazing…. it dealt with the plight of students… both who make it to IIT and those don’t…. from outside the boundaries of these institutes people feel it’s a fairy-tale land inside… but let me tell you an insider’s view… it’s not…. this performance brought to light the possible reasons, taking the story through students, good and bad, as they face performance based and other anxiety and pressure…. it also touched upon the issue of a recent suicide case in campus… overall a nice theme that touched the hearts of all…. speechless attendence with a standing ovation… what more can a performer want…..then there was the awards presentations for performance in sports, cultural and technical activites and organizational skills around the year. As a passing out student, I was awarded the sports citation, think of it as a lifetime achievement award, if you will….and then there was this paper presentation for a course… which concluded today…. and now to get working on my project work and a course project….. a long list of work to be done during the month of April… what with the hostel valedictory functions all lined up… it looks like a quite daunting month… with both fun and work…. more on that later…


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