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March 4, 2006

Power conservation…

Filed under: arbit — Priyam @ 8:12 pm

papers in Mumbai have suddenly become very active in bringing the acute power shortage scenario to readers…. good thing… maybe people will read and better sense may prevail… but today’s article was stunning… the government, which by the way has gone from pleas to semi-threats to people who waste power…. the govt. itself behaves unwisely, pictures of govt building bring to “light” the whole bitter truth about the govt’s fight to save power (or the lack thereof)…

another thing I really don’t get is why do we need to become active only when there is a shortage… it is energy after all and we should aim at conservation at all times… I mean, innumerable times have I gone to the common toilet in our hostel and turned off lights and running taps… I mean, how hard is it to switch off lights, taps and fans after you are done using them ?? If educated people too indulge in such practices, isn’t it hard to go preaching to others…. an empty room with all appliances turned on is definitely a turn-off…… having said all this… I myself stand guily of failing to conserve power on multiple occassions… but I make it a point to try and not repeat the errors… I hope you do too… after all we have only one earth….


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