So little time… so little to do

February 27, 2006

one of those days…

Filed under: arbit — Priyam @ 7:59 pm

the day starts off with a rude shock…. let me lay things down for you first….there was this deadline on a submission that I had to meet by 2359hrs on 26th…. and I managed to get the stuff done and in my hurry to be in time for another event, I mailed a huge attachment….. so today morning I check my mail (the first thing that I usually do here), I get informed that I have defaulted…. probably the sent-mail timestamp saved me for I managed to impress on the instructor that I had indeed sent the mail well within hours……. keeping fingers crossed on that…

… as if that was not enough of a headache…. it had to be deadlines and last days for many other things…. which led me to have to manage several meeting times so as to keep all happy…. talk about time management… and like they say, if anything can go wrong, they will…. I totally forgot about one thing which led to a brother of a close friend having to wait for a long time….. man, do I feel guilty……

if you think today was bad, wait for tomorrow……. or maybe a few more days… more deadlines to meet, more people to please….. more work to be done….. I don’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel….. or maybe that’s a good thing….. with this kind of day, it may well have been the lights of the oncoming train….. hope you had a more comfortable day…..


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