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February 14, 2006

Valentine’s day

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While the world outside swears by this day to rejoice, love and shower loved ones with gifts and other shows of affection, in campus it’s just another day. If you thought that this day would be about flowers and cards and candy, or perhaps for those not so fortunate to be with their better halves – a phone call…. u thought wrong. I am probably not the kind of person capable of such romantic gestures on a particular day (nor do I have anyone to show it to 😉 ) nor am I the kind of person to laugh or scorn at someone who celebrates this day….

The papers are full of reports of moral policemen (read politicians) who have taken it upon themselves to “rid the land of foreign cultural invasion”… and not allow the youth of today fall prey to the hands of commercialisation…. those who have announced (and previosuly shown) that they will not shy from the use of force and hatred to make sure that people donot share some romantic moments on this day…. will they next try and force people away from the markets during Diwali, Eid or other “Indian” festivals to make sure that the malls don’t profit from religious ceremonies ?

From what I feel…. this day is about celebrating love…. love between parent and child, brothers and sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends…. true we should not need a special day to proclaim our love…. but is it not better to have a day when people wish others with love and not curse with hatred…. your call…

Happy Valentine’s Day…


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