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February 5, 2006

Shattered Hearts…

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a few days back a friend of mine came in troubled at the news of a death of his friend… a classmate from his under-grad college…. I was in my room that time watching a comedy sitcom… he came in and announced that he had been unable to work after hearing the news…. it was death froma motor accident… my reactions were not quite soothing or whatever… he must have felt that I didn’t care a damn…. but the truth is quite far from it… I just prefer not to show or think about all these things… watching a movie, Shattered Hearts,  yesterday just got me thinking about this….

the moment he broke the news, a rush of memories came back to me… how I had lost one of my closest friends from school when we were barely 17!!! I still remember the rude shock and how I thought that my friends were just playing a joke… till I went to his place… I still remember the look on his mother’s face…. I can’t describe that… nor could I console her… for what can u say to console a mother who had just lost her child on the night of Diwali…. sometimes I still see him in my dreams…. we had a lot of history and after almost 10 years together…. it’s hard to accept someone gone just like that….

now, I just prefer to shield my heart by not thinking about all these….. I know my friend will not understand…. but I prefer not to broach the subject… it’s too… difficult……


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